Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Does India Wait For it's Apple Pie

@maninderpals, a friend I've yet to meet, has tried to make a serious attempt at demystifying why the iPad took so long to get to Indian shores.  He's written an interesting piece on TheBigGeek.  People with an ounce of a brain will get what he's saying. The others, who do not, will say - 'Apple is not serious about India'.

An excerpt:

There is a different angle to this story, and that angle is our Telecom Policy. 3G services launch in India has been delayed for months and years firstly Army did not want to give away the spectrum they held (or so we are told) and then there was no agreement on how to sell the spectrum finally it was a long bidding process (which is anyway covered with a lot of controversies as we speak) . When the winners amongst the bidders were finally announced in May 2010, everybody expected the 3G launch by Diwali, the consumers were eagerly looking forward to it, for the providers it made business sense, but that hope went up in flames, like the crackers burstin on a warm Diwali night.

Read More on TheBigGeek.

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