Sunday, February 6, 2011

My first meeting with B3J

She was sitting in my garage looking towards me with her small, round, cute eyes. Her nose bent ever so slightly to the right with a tiny endearing beauty spot. Slender, sleek, long black body! Curves in the right places ;-) And, a booty to die for! I was getting carnal thoughts already. 

Just wanted to grab her. But I knew I had to take it slowly and be gentle with her. There was passion. There was chemistry. And then it hit me - It was more than just a physical urge. I was in love. Yes! It was love. It was Spiritual. In that first meeting she had seeped deep into my soul. Only once before had I ever felt like this and that was in 2007; Pure, unconditional, undying love.  But I couldn't show her my feelings and emotions with haste. Abandoned by the previous fella to fend for herself, she was emotionally scarred.

I walked towards her and reached out to caress her; it was electrifying. I couldn't wait to take her out and spend some time with her. I knew I had to win her confidence and love. I knew I wanted to treat her gently with love and respect.

So, I spent the next few months just admiring her beauty. Talking to her all day; getting to know her intimately. I could see her open up to me slowly. She's not drop dead gorgeous, but to me she is the most beautiful thing. There was something special about her. There and then I knew there was something missing in my life. And it was her. Suddenly life looked bright & happy.

So, who am I talking about? Let me introduce you to My Love - B3J aka Big Black Beauty Ji. B3J is a Yezdi Roadking. She has a 250cc, two-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder engine with twin exhausts. My call sign - Gunda.

She's all of 18 years old and this month will turn 19. Pity it's her birth month but it will only be until next year I get to celebrate it with her. Yup! She's a Leap Year Baby - February 29, 1992.

You guys can feel free to admire her beauty as well ;-) But only I get to touch her ... he he he ;-)

Gunda's helmet

Gunda's gloves

B3J - The Body!

B3J - The Body!

B3J - Sleek, Slender, Long

B3J - The Beauty!

B3J - Booty to die for!

Don't you want her ;-)

Her Twins!

Her Heart. Pure, Solid, Giving!

Her mound!

Key to B3J's growl!