Friday, February 18, 2011

Love, Sex & Marriage - Jilted by Love #2

This post is about Bina. She was crazily in love with Mukesh. They dated for about 6 years and were pretty serious about each other. I met them a couple of times, professionally and did some work together. But I always found something amiss. I could not see the same passion coming from him. Anyways, thought it was because they dated for so long.

I remember Bina telling me that they would be getting married shortly. Both sets of parents knew. Yes there were some issues because of different religions. However, that was not going to stop them. Mukesh was pretty clear that he wanted to marry her.

He was going back home for some occasion as well as to discuss the dates of his impending wedding with his parents. Bina was so excited. Just like a small child in a candy store... I was excited too. Though not my pals, but yeah I could call them friends.

I remember speaking to her a couple of times during the fortnight Mukesh was away and even a couple of days before his return. She was waiting for his return so that she could break the news to her family. Well age was not on her side. She was a couple of years elder to me. She had prepared a surprise for him - his favourite meal and more.

But t'was not meant to be.

Two days after speaking with her, I opened the newspaper, and there it was - right in front of my eyes - her name in the headline. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought someone was playing a dirty joke on me. I re-read the article. Bina had committed suicide by hanging herself. She wrote her last note and explained the reason for taking such a drastic step.

Apparently Mukesh had gone home to get married and never once let her know about it. Forget Bina, none of his friends knew about this! He called her, the day after I had spoken with her, and said he was married and that she should go on with her life!

What kind of a person would cheat another out of love? I mean what was Mukesh thinking when he hid it from Bina and went to his village to get married? Does he have a heart at all? What did he expect Bina to do after promising her marriage and a future? How can he be so selfish that for his own happiness he sacrificed another person’s life? Did he not realise how badly she would be affected? Did he not have any responsibility towards her? They were in a relationship for GOD's sake. How could he be so heartless and spiflicate her like that? The one he was supposedly in love with? I can't even fathom what must have gone through her when he said those words to her. (Well actually I can, but more of that later in another post). How could he make such a big decision without considering her feelings and emotions? Or even talking it out with her? Is that what love is? Making life-altering decisions that also impact another person's without their consent? So was the relationship just a sham? A pastime activity? Was it all just fun and games for him?

I can't understand exactly why would Bina do something like this. But I guess it’s too late to ask now. But makes me wonder, how can you take your own life. By what she did she also didn't really think about the people in her life, especially those who love her. What she did was selfish too. Took the easy way out and left the burden on others. Maybe she realised that Mukesh was her life, her everything and without him life had no meaning. I'm sure it would not have been an easy decision to end her life. Just imagine the thoughts that must have gone through her mind. Someone that meant everything to her; someone she had dreams with; now the dreams are being fulfilled with another person; her love her life her everything in the arms of another. How could she live with such thoughts; day in and day out? Instead of putting her through such emotional turmoil, he should have just shot her in the head from point blank range.

After so many years I'm still grappling with the issue. I feel real sad for her parents. After agreeing to an inter-caste marriage (which was a huge issue in this case), they now have to mourn her death for the rest of their lives. Though they were not really happy with it, but she was after all, their child and any parent would want to see the smile on their kid’s face. Parents also realize that their child will not live with them forever and the person they marry / love/ chose is the one that will keep them truly happy.

Well, mostly.

RIP Bina. You are remembered.

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