Monday, January 24, 2011

Love, Sex & Marriage - Jilted by Love #1

So this is the story of Sarah. Why the fairer sex first? Simple! I'm a gentleman and women always come first… <wink wink> he he he

A beautiful girl, not just by appearance but also at heart. I have never met a nicer person. Always laughing and smiling. Little did I know what hid behind that charming smile. She has one of the best smiles I've ever seen. Her smile could literally bring the dead back to life. They say good things happen to good people. But that is bull crap. I think bad things happen to good people. And believe you me! She has had her fair share of bad things happen to her.

Sarah was dating Andre for 4 years. Despite being from the same religion, not everything was hunky dory for them as they came from different sects. And from what I know, they were not the happiest 4 years for her. He was a terror; cut her off from her friends; restricted her clothing; tested her so often that it is surprising she was in a relationship with him for so long. Her closest friends never met him. He even tested her by asking her to run away with him a couple of times. Of course, they didn't run away, though she did reach the train station with a small bag. Bastard! What kind of a man would have the nerve to test the love of his ‘love’? And not just once, but over and over again!

So, she hid her relationship from her parents for about 2 years. Finally, when she thought Andre was serious about her, she broke the news to her parents. Of course they were shocked and disappointed. But the disappointment did not last for too long. After all she's their one and only child. Though some relatives did have an issue and gave her a hard time. Anyway, once it was out in the open, her parents met the guy, though not thrilled about him they accepted her choice.

Soon thereafter, he had to leave the city and go back to his hometown to attend to some family issues and promised her that he would come back soon to marry her. Yes, they discussed marriage plans et al. Though the parents didn't meet, but to my knowledge several calls were made between the parents and Andre's parents were to soon visit Sarah's parents to finalise the wedding plans. And that's when things started going awry. Visit plans kept getting postponed for some frivolous reason or the other. I think it went on for 12-15 months. By this time, the extended family was informed that she would be getting married shortly.

Then came the shocking discovery. Accidentally! A friend told her that her 'fiance' was engaged for over 2 years and he was to marry his fiance shortly. Woah! Now where did that happen from? On one hand his parents are talking about marriage plans and at the same time he is already engaged. What a freaking farce man! The day she told me her story, I could see how shattered she was. I could feel her pain. She had no urge to live anymore for having disgraced her family. I swore that day that if I ever came across that guy, I'd castrate him. I'm still looking for him.

Thank GOD for her friends. They really supported her through her ordeal. I wish I had friends like hers. Actually I do :-) I don't think she ever told her family the truth and just said that he called it off. What kind of man would date a girl and discuss marriage and then go and get engaged to another person? And still promise marriage to her and hide the truth. I felt really bad for Sarah's parents, they had informed the family and community that she would be getting married soon; and now had to inform them that it's off. Imagine what went through her head. These kind of guys should be hung and stoned to death publically.

Moreover, he actually had the gall to call Sarah 5-6 months later to tell her that he's ready to marry her and will call the engagement off. She was pretty much coming back to normal and then he messes with her mind again. All her friends asked her to tell him FO! And she did. But she had to live through the entire episode again.

Every time I think about this, my blood boils. What kind of man would do this to such a lovely person? Even if Andre did get engaged due to parental pressure, couldn't he have shared this with Sarah? And explained the situation to her? That, if she ever meant anything to him or was she just another piece of meat for him? If Andre really wanted to, he could have married Sarah anyway. After all, he was only engaged to the other woman. Instead of playing with her emotions for so long, he could have just let her lose rather than keeping her in the dark. I blame Andre and his family because they tried to pull a fast one over Sarah's family. Isn't this cheating? Imagine Andre's entire family was involved in this facade. I hope something terrible happen to his family for breaking the heart and playing with the lives of beautiful innocent people.

Now Sarah is happily married and enjoying life. I'm happy for her. She is an extremely strong, confident and intelligent person. And she has taken everything in her stride. She now has a great life.

It just amazes me how 2 people in love can't discuss things openly and frankly? Why must one put another through such hardship and emotional turmoil? What kind of a person breaks another's heart for their own happiness? Are parents that important? I believe, we have responsibility towards our parents but not obligation. Imagine if Sarah was not strong enough to bear this loss and disappointment. Think how complicated and catastrophic it could have been, if not for the support and love Sarah received from her friends.

According to me, an emotional mess is the worst that can be done to a person. Might as well just kill them instead! Spare them the agony of living through this every freaking day! OK, blood boiling *again*

Going out with B3J for a spin. Need her company. Until later, adios amigos!

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